From left, Forum Master of Ceremonies, Rev. Marshall P. H. Mitchell, Pastor, Salem Baptist Church of Abington; Panelist Alexandria Harris, Esq, Executive Director, the Andrew Goodman Foundation; and Panelist Charles Gallagher, Ph.D., Chair of the Departments of Sociology and Criminal Justice, La Salle University.



The Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust, in partnership with the Museum of the American Revolution, welcomed attendees from seventeen states, the District of Columbia, and Europe to the 4th Annual Lonaé A. Moore Memorial Forum, “It Begins with Each of Us: Fostering Racial Understanding.”

The theme was “Solutions for Overcoming Racism” and the brilliant panel featured Alexandria Harris, Esq. executive director of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, established in honor of the young civil rights worker who was killed, in Mississippi, in 1964 for registering African Americans to vote; and Charles Gallagher, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at La Salle University. The Rev. Marshall P.H. Mitchell, pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Abington, PA served as both Master of Ceremonies and Panel Moderator.


You can view the Forum here: