Professor Christine Hagedorn, Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, and Sociology Professor Joanne Campbell, of Rosemont College, located in suburban Philadelphia, accompanied approximately twenty-six students to the Dennis Farm’s 10th Annual Symposium in October. The impressive group included students who are taking a course called “Healing Earth: Theory and Practice” and several from Rosemont’s Black Student Union.

In late October, Professor Hagedorn sent DFCLT President Dennis a copy of a scrapbook created by several of the “Healing Earth” students, with the following note:

“Our class met a few days after the Farm visit to create these scrapbook pages for our college archives. The students who created these are in our course called Healing Earth: Theory and Practice and Prof. Joanne Campbell and I co teach this course. We discuss environmental justice, the science of water, soil, natural resources and food along with the ethical, economic and spiritual aspects of our relationship with our plant and with each other.

We designed this Healing Earth course as it is true to our college mission, and it occurs to me that the spirit of this course is also quite true to the Dennis Farm mission…We all continue to be inspired by our day at your symposium. It stays with us in our daily lives.”

This creative project reflects DFCLT’s ongoing educational and environmental mission. We were pleased to welcome the Rosemont students to the Farm, and to see that the Farm’s rich history and natural environment resonated with them.