Standing in front of the monument at the Perkins-Dennis Family Cemetery: first row from left, Susquehanna County Commissioner, Judith Herschel; Susquehanna County Commissioner, Chair, Elizabeth M. Arnold; Hillori Schenker-Lione; seventh-generation Perkins-Dennis family descendants and DFCLT officers Lonnie Moore, Denise Dennis, and Darryl Gore; John Arnone; and Annie Palmer; second row, David Palmer; Richard Zick; Brian Michael Lione; Lucas Taylor and Leonard Wheatey.


On a spectacular afternoon in May, under sunny skies, DFCLT welcomed Susquehanna County Commissioners, Chair, Elizabeth M. Arnold and Judith Herschel, and guests for a tour of the Dennis Farm. The visitors included friends of the farm and Brooklyn (PA) Historical Society members, David and Annie Palmer, Hop Bottom, and Richard Zick, Kingsley, whose family has known the Dennis family for the past century. Members of Team Dennis Farm including, in alphabetical order, Property Manager, John Arnone; President, Denise Dennis; VP, Darryl Gore; VP, Lonnie Moore, VP and DFCLT-Keystone College Liaison, Lucas Taylor, led everyone on a guided tour of the grounds and historical features.


In anticipation of Memorial Day, David Palmer, on behalf of the Brooklyn (PA) Historical Society, brought new American flags to replace the old flags on the gravesites of Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War veterans resting in the Perkins-Dennis Cemetery and in front of monument. Family members, Lonnie Moore and Darryl Gore placed the flags in the appropriate war markers.


During the tour, Commissioners Arnold and Herschel learned about DFCLT’s plans to restore and transform the farmhouse to a museum that will benefit the county and the region and the National Endowment for the Humanities matching grant. Both commissioners expressed their appreciation and support for our fundraising effort.


View a slide show of the Commissioners’ tour: