On April 2, 2020, DFCLT President Denise Dennis gave a Zoom presentation on “Generational Leadership and Nineteenth Century Agriculture on the Dennis Farm” for Temple University’s College of Engineering’s Center for Inclusive Competitiveness (CIC) program, “Achieving Sustainability thru STEM Education & the Internet of Things” (ASSET). 

A college and career awareness program, ASSET is designed to introduce underrepresented students and their teachers to smart “precision” agriculture, renewal energy, clean water and critical infrastructure management.  

Jamie Bracey-Green, Ph.D., Director of CIC, invited Denise to speak to the students and asked her to trace the development and leadership of the Dennis Farm across generations, including today’s DFCLT leadership; and to describe the farm’s agriculturally productive years. 

Students asked a variety of questions at the end of the slide show presentation and plan to make a field trip to the farm once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  Dr. Bracey-Green praised the presentation for its “depth and breadth of history, family, culture and love of learning.” 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Engineering Grand Challenges provide the context for ASSET.  The goal of the Temple program is to increase minority, disadvantaged and/or first generation students’ interest in engineering, science and related technologies that support community sustainability.