From left to right, Darryl Gore, VP Development; Denise Dennis, President & CEO; and Lonnie Moore, VP Marketing, DFCLT.


“I believe unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”
–The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


From our founding, the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust has represented racial equality and harmony.  Indeed, our annual forum, “It Begins with Each of Us: Fostering Racial Understanding” is designed to help heal the long-festering American wound of racial injustice.  We believe in the promise of America, the most successful democracy in world history, and are deeply pained by recent events.  Pained, but not in despair.  The more than 200+ year-old history of the Dennis Farm is a constant reminder that we have faced times far more treacherous than these, and yet prevailed and continued to make forward progress.

We are a strong and resilient nation and we can overcome these present troubles—but only if we are united as one people.  Let’s join hands across our differences and build a better world together.  Let’s work together to expunge hatred and injustice through the way we live our lives and the choices we make each day.  The soul of our nation is at stake. 

The truth is that if we want to survive and thrive, we must all be in this together.  Our greatest strength is that we are one nation of many people–and we need one another. We can overcome hatred with love—if we have the will to do so.